Legal Services

Our firm currently offers the following legal services
1. Property Law
2. Civil Litigation
3. Labour Law
4. Family Law
5. Insolvency Law

Property Law
The property Division of our law firm provide the following
• Drawing up of Lease Agreements
• Drafting of Notarial Bonds
• Registration of Mortgage and Notarial Bonds
• Trade agreements
• Registration Of Sectional Title Property
• Sale and transfer of commercial Property
• Vat on property transactions
• Neighbour Law

Civil Litigation

• Our team litigates at Both the Magistrate Court and The High Court

Labour Law
Mr Vincent Mabuza one of our partners has extensive experience in this field. Through him our firm can provide advice and Services in respect of the following:
• Labour Disputes
• Dismissals, strikes and lockouts
• Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation• Labour Law Litigation

Family Law
The firm can provide the client with the following legal advice and services in this regard:
• Instituting Divorce Proceedings
• Drafting of Anti-Nuptial Agreements
• Matrimonial Property
• Maintenance disputes
• Adoptions
• Rights of Minor Children

Insolvency Law
 Our team can provide Natural Persons or Juristic Persons with advice and services involving the following:
• Liquidations and sequestrations
• Investigate pre-Insolvency activities
• Recovery of Assets
• Advice in relation to Business Rescue
• Assisting with the meetings of Creditors